Colloidal Silver

Since their introduction in the 1940s anti-biotics have come to totally dominate the prescriptive response of the medical world to a point today where many doctors even prescribe them for use against viruses despite the fact that viruses have no response to anti-biotics.
Indeed even the term anti biotic requires a second look. It originates from the latin, anti, meaning against and bio, meaning life. Thus the literal translation of anti-biotic is "against life"
The effects of the wildly cavalier use of anti-biotics both in medicine and in the production of cheap meat encouraged wholesale by the pharmaceuticals giants for the benefit only of their profits, are being felt increasingly today where even the super strength strains are becoming ineffective against an ever growing list of anti-biotic resistant pathogens.
Silver has for many years been known to be effective against a wide range of pathogens and has been used both internally and externally. Why then one might question did its use cease in the medical enviroment. Well in fact it didn't stop completely; silver and its compounds are still used in many preparations such as for the treatment of burns and certain other conditions. As a general medicine however it very soon died out following the introduction of anti-biotics.
There are two main reasons for this. The first was that the technology for producing top quality and safe colloidal silver was not generally in use, leading to erratic results, the other and almost certainly the biggest reason was that the new allopathic medical anti-biotic approach to disease was guaranteed to bring HUGE profits to the
Rockefeller inspired pharmacutical industry, headed by such concerned champions of humanity as Donald Rumsfeld (of aspartame fame).
Today, however, a sea of change is occuring in the realm of health concioussness where a significant proportion of people are taking direct responsibility for their own health and many are turning to colloidal silver as a part of that response.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is clear, nearly colourless solution of ultra fine silver particles in distilled water held in suspension by a positive electrical charge. Normally made in cocentrations of 5-15ppm.

Is It Safe?

Properly made ionic electro colloidal silver has no known side effects and no known interactions with other drugs or other chemicals.
The emphasis here of course is on properly made. The growth in the demand for colloidal silver has been matched by the growth in companies offering colloidal silver makers for sale. Many of these are mediocre, some are extremely good, whilst a very few are useless or even dangerous.

So What makes a Good Colloidal Silver Maker?

A phenomenen can occur in the production of colloidal silver called current runaway. In brief this is where the strength of the current passing through the solution increases as the strength of the solution increases leading in a short time to a very strong current flow and causing an undesirable agglomeration of silver particles of a large size, giving the solution a cloudy appearance.
To prevent this situation it is essential that only colloidal silver generators offering constant current be employed.
Both the models offered for sale by Electro-Biotics use constant current.
The effectiveness of colloidal silver is determined more by having a small particle size than by its concentration; 5-15ppm (parts per million) being usual. There is no increased effect when the solution goes beyond 40ppm.
Another essential for good quality silver solution is the use of distilled water. 'Purified', 'spring' or 'mineral water' will not do, these will all contain dissolved substances which will result in the formation of silver salts and compounds. Steam distilled water is the only medium that should ever be employed.

What about Argyria?

Argyria is a condition where silver is deposited in the skin causing a blue-grey appearance. Whilst harmless in itself it is obviously very undesirable.
One cannot go far in the investigation of colloidal silver without coming up against horror stories about this.
The two main sources of these are the ignorant and certain poodles in the medical establishment spreading disinformation on behalf of the pharmaceutical giants which stand to lose a great deal of their profits if colloidal silver were to gain widespread use.
Where argyria has occured it has been because someone has either consummed ridiculously absurd quantities or have been using solutions contaminated with silver compounds or extremely concentrated solutions.
For electro- ionic colloidal silver to bring about this condition one would need to drink gallons of it every day as opposed to the 30ml or so that many people use.

If you would like to read the complete history of Silver, read the article What Exactly is Colloidal Silver.

There are 3 options when it comes to Colloidal Silver; the ready-made standard bottles of 10-15ppm silver, the high strength Sovereign Silver, or you can also make your own with one of the Silver Making machines we offer:

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