'Spring' Countertop Water Purifier

  • Model: MTP-K
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The 'Spring' Water Purifier is a complete counter top unit that can be fitted on to almost any tap and requires no plumbing. As such it makes an excellent portable filter and is perfect for rented accomodation.
The plastic housing is strong, durable and excellent value for money.

The system comes with a multi fitting diverter valve, this fits onto the end of your regular or mixer tap and allows water to pass through as normal.
However simply pushing a button on the side of this fitting causes water to be diverted to the filter housing and out through teh affixed spout, giving you a separate flow of filtered drinking water.
This enables the Spring purifier to be both versatile and very easy to use

The 'Spring' Water Purifier uses the multi-stage 'Pearl' cartridge with its unique 7-stage filtration system contained within a high quality plastic housing.

The market leading "Pearl" cartridge removes more pollutants than any other single cartridge system, whilst retaining minerals and trace elements, which are essential for good health.

Stage 1
A ceramic barrier filters 99.99% of all particles larger than one micron (not visible to the naked eye). This includes bacteria,
parasites, metals, organic matter and other chemicals.
As deposits accumulate on the filter's outer surface, they can be easily removed, allowing the cartridge to be re-used again and again. Silver impregnated ceramic provides a second barrier to bacteria, and keep the cartridge sterile so boiling is not required.

Stage 2 
Our premium grade Activated Carbon Block eliminates chemicals and organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides and herbicides.

Stage 3 
Coconut based Granular Activated Carbon removes chlorine, improves taste and odour, and further removes chemicals from the water.

Stage 4 
Anthracite based Granular Activated Carbon is used to ‘polish’
the water, removing any traces of colour, Xeno-Oestrogen, chlorine
by-products and chemicals.

Stage 5 
Special flow baffles improve the efficiency of the filtration process.

Stage 6 
Selective Ion Exchange resin removes toxic heavy metals from the water such as cadmium, lead, copper and mercury.

Stage 7 
A 20 micron pure polypropylene layer prevents the escape of any
carbon or resin particles.

'Spring' Purifier Technical Information
Performance Data Sheet for the MTP/K
Removes and reduces the following contaminants, particles and dissolved forms:
Particles, Rust, Sediment 99.99%
Metals, for example
Lead, Aluminium, Copper, Cadmium, Mercury 92-99.00%
Organics, for example
Pesticides & Herbicides93-98.00%
Xeno Oestrogen


Dimensions & Other Specifications
Height (mm)305
Width (mm)122
Depth (mm)90
Weight (kg)1
Housing connections
1/4 threaded
Min Operating Pressure10 psi
Max Working pressure72.5 psi
Max Working temperature60°C