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Morgellons and Blood Zapping

The following story was sent in to us by Jolene Frazzini from Denver, Colorado on March 1st, 2014 who had purchased a T2 Blood Zapper a month earlier:

"Well it's really quite stupid we heard about your zappers so we began to look for them, we started our search by just putting in the word zappers, When we did this we came up with those zappers that zap bugs and such  LOL I feel so stupid we tried as seen on TV and those sites all the while always putting in just zappers and always coming up with the the same thing a page full of bug zappers! FINALLY I put in the word parasite zappers and BINGO there they were everywhere all of the youtubes, we never thought to search UTube but did search ebay and did not find them there either! It all seems so stupid and simple now... but honestly I new i had parasites was determined to find these and believe it or not my search just was not that simple! When I finally found them on Youtube by accident was just there on youtube while looking for a juice that would poison parasites! I have been documenting my progress after i got my wonderful zapper in the mail taking pictures of what was coming out of me ECT !

I have had friends say to me what has happened to you you look wonderful! Have you seen the Youtube they say is a HOAX with the little worms coming out of the mans face (search worms coming out of face) I HAD THOSE MILLIONS!!!! Every time I got out of a hot shower or washed my face here they would come all over my face !!! WHAT MAKES ME MAD IS THEY CALL THIS A HOAX I HAD IT IT AND WHEN I SAW THE VIDEO I KNEW IT WASNT BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME MAYBE THAT VIDEO WAS BUT MINE WAS VERY SIMILAR VERY SIMILAR AND THAT IS WHEN I GOT SCARED I HAD THESES LITTLE WORMS CRAWLING OUT OF MY FACE EARS AND EYES AND NOW THE PORES OF MY SKIN I showed my doctor sent me to dermatologist who told me they were white heads! I was not aware white heads wiggled and moved ! The dermatologist did a in patient surgery on my back I needed stitches I am convinced she removed something else she said it was a mole but I always had a weird bump that itched a oozed there she would not show me what she removed but the scar is 4 inches long!!!!! I was amazed I left once again discouraged and frustrated because all of the other things I showed her she just snubbed away even those little worms coming out of my face! I had taken in samples to my internal medicine doctor all saying they need to catch it on a slide in the lab even thought I had a jar with a large worm in it! I HAVE BEEN SICK FOR 8 YEARS my arm went paralyzed for 6 month DR had no explanation !!!!!!!!!! I knew what it was but they would not hear me out, I have a picture of worms actually pushing thru the skin of my ear alive and well my skin on my ear turned black and formed a weird web !!! My own sister did not want me around her or my niece UNTIL SHE GOT THEM IN HER EYES THE SKINNY ONES SHE WOULD PICK AND PICK PULLING THEM OUT! I AM SURE YOU HAVE HEARD ALL THE HORROR STORIES !!!!!

All I can say is I HAVE MY LIFE BACK AFTER 8 YEARS OF SUFFERING I actually was put on disability because i could not live my life they were eating me alive, I could open my mouth at times and you could hear a faint humming ! I ZAP MY ANIMALS AS WELL ! IT IS AMAZING THE PLACES THEY COME OUT OF WHEN BEING ZAPPED BUT THEY WANT OUT !!!  I have had my zapper a little over maybe 2 months and feel pretty much clean , like I said I documented what came out of me !!!!I ONLY WISH MORE PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT THESE AND NO LONGER HAVE TO TAKE 12 PILLS A DAY AND 15 DROP OF A TINCTURE of black walnut THIS IS HANNAS CURE (health food store) AND THIS DID NOT WORK IT WAS A LONG 19 DAYS AND 54.00! WE ARE ALL WONDERING AROUND VITAMIN STORES LOOKING FOR HELP ….TAKE THIS WITH THIS AND THIS,NOW TAKE THIS WITH THIS AND THAT ! WHEN MY BEAUTIFUL ZAPPER KILLED THOSE SUCKERS FAST AND HONESTLY I THOUGHT I WAS DYING ! I never saw one ounce of proof taking wormwood ect I am sure it works but I just think you need so much of it! But with the zapper they were coming out of me everywhere right away and I could see them and capture them…………OH YES ALL MY FRIENDS CALLED ME CRAZY THEY ARE HORRIFIED WHAT THEY HAVE SEEN THOUGHT ABOUT MAKING A BLOG BUT NOT GOOD AT THESE THINGS ! as you can see i have gone on and on and skip from place to place but I want to help other people TO KNOW!!!! like I said just walk into a health food store people are there lots and they are trying to rid themselves of parasites day after day ! I want to say something to them, but afraid ! Like i said all these years I have been looking up parasite cures drinks powders juices herbs on the internet and never ran into the ZAPPER how could that be???????? oh my life would have been so much easier book after book and as I said I did go on Utube was never instructed OR HEARD OF to the ZAPPER JUST TONS OF OTHER PEOPLES PARASITE STORIES REACHING OUT FOR HELP!  I love my beautiful little black box and you will be getting a large order from me here soonI am going to give them to my friends it will be the best gift they ever got!!!! parasites have been on afternoon shows as well and again the zapper is not mentioned pumpkin seeds cloves you know them all THE NORMAL BUT DO THESE THINGS REALLY WORK NOT ON ME…..when this little box really does the trick and fast and you can see the results!!!!  you said you have a blog how can I read it ???? So that is my story sorry to go on so long just finally so happy a relieved want to scream to the world but I have nobody to scream it to!! LOL  my friends will be amazed I can’t wait! THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE AND LISTENING TO MY STORY (sorry for all the typos ect . but wanted to get this to you and it is late at night I am tired and on a mild anti anxiety pill I just returned from the ER where we removed a large looking earth worm from my uterous it was dead already and causing me an infection ! The story is just too disgusting to tell ! I took pictures of the worm much to the dismay of the doctor but unlike my back surgery I was going to get documentation ! You will be hearing from me again soon when I order for my friends or get them to order for themselves if you have any questions I don’t mind if you call Thanks for listening and again after all this research I was doing for years I cannot believe I NEVER RAN INTO THE ZAPPER IT IS SO WRONG I have my life back a tear just dropped as I wrote that." 

Jolene Frazzini - Colorado

Reply by Jolene: On Apr 5, 2014, at 1:16 PM, Jolene Frazzini <jolenefrazzinij@***.com> wrote:

"Hi, Fran its me the pain in the butt, I have just a couple questions for you before we part ways, hope you don't mind, I am 100% I have morgellas ! I was wondering if these zappers contain that nutra silver that helps rid you of the horrible disease ! On top of everything else I have I can’t believe I have this! When I first started Zapping it seemed as if I was getting healed but had another break out! I am going to seek the advice of my dermatologist ( i have skin cancer) but we both know how that may go ! so looking for back ups ! Just in case! I am wondering if I had the break out from using the different zapper and maybe its stronger and pushing more out! can you explain to me the difference’s in the zappers! Still waiting on my ultimate ! In the blogs i have read zapping is often mentioned as a cure but most say about nutra silver! Also I found the testimonies wow that is amazing and so cool, but can’t find the blog ???? Did you send me a link and I missed it? I would really like to read what others are talking about and then I wouldn’t have to “BUG” you lol going to your web site to see if you have that nutra silver! These little things suck so very tiny but man do they cause so much uncomfort. Thank you for your time and if you could send me a link to the blog i would greatly appreciate it! Still waiting on ultimate Zapper! Is it just electrical current or does it contain mineral also and again what exactly is the T2 I read the pamphlet but didn’t quit understand and again how it differs from the original zapper! also my T2 has a weird smell to it kind of like a super glue or chemical is this normal???? I actually love the smell but just wanted to be sure that is normal and any advice or blogs, books, or web pages on the morgella’s would be greatly appreciated! Thank you once and for all Jolene"

Replied by Fran: On April 9th 2014:

Hi Jolene,

Haven’t had a chance to put up your story on the website yet but as soon as I get some spare time, I’ll get it uploaded and send you the link.

A Morgellons Protocol is talked about on the Curezone forums where there is lots of excellent health information, check out these links:

I hadn’t heard of Nutra Silver til you told me about it and I’ve just been reading about it now, interesting stuff, I like that the PPM is 3600, that’s a huge concentration! It’s basically a form of Colloidal Silver which we do sell products based around and also Colloidal Silver Makers, look in those sections on our website, the SG6 is the best Colloidal Silver maker for making your own at home. Sovereign Silver, is the strongest Colloidal Silver we sell but I’ll be looking into this Nutra Silver much more now, thanks for telling me about it :)

I’d say the smell of glue inside the zapper is the Orgonite block which looks like metal shavings held together with glue. All the zappers are the same principle based around Dr. Bob Becks original zapper. The newer ones are just modified a bit more to run better, feel better and work more efficiently. The T2 and T-Rex work slower than the Ultimate Zapper which is the fastest and strongest zapper.


Replied by Fran: On April 10th 2014:

Hi Jolene,

The toxin die off effect is called the Herxheimer reaction, check it out:

Here’s the link to the Blog article: 

I’ll add more of your follow up emails to that page next.


Reply by Jolene: On Apr 9, 2014, at 3:35 PM, Jolene Frazzini <JoleneFrazziniJ@***.com> wrote:

HI fran received ultimate zapper, very pleased have not received my toothbrush can you send tracking number also did you get the email below i don’t see a reply ! we have started a group here in colorado i have about 10 people lined up to start buying the zappers if you could please answer this email i could push the info on and we can begin the orders ! The group is going thru me for the zappers but are also visiting the page but want to see the blog ??? I am sure you are very busy I really would like to get these zappers out they really do help and I had a real break thru with the ultimate ! also I saw a page on u tube to test to see if your zappers are working can’t find that anymore as well ! I keep mine with me everywhere have dropped a few just want to make sure they are still ok sorry so many questions but before I can sale these zappers i need to be able to answer these questions! I am sure you are extremely busy but can you please find a few moments to answer these for us! I am sharing the zappers I have ordered with great results just the T2’s ! I may just give up and let the 10 people that are waiting write the website themselves and order themselves but I am helping a few with the cost and they are paying me back slowly and that is fine with me! They just want to look at the blog or any other pages beside the testimonials before they order! Thank you so much Jolene Frazzini

Reply by Jolene: On June 26 2014, at 9:19 AM, Jolene Frazzini <JoleneFrazziniJ@***.com> wrote: