Electrolyser - Colloidal Silver Maker

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Make your own colloidal silver!

You can easily make colloidal silver yourself. You need an electrolyser, two silver electrodes of pure silver and a good quality distilled water (no osmosis etc.)

To make the best quality of distilled water is very easy. Of course you need a distilling apparatus. Meditech Europe is importer of Pure Water Distiller systems. At this moment we have some stainless steel portable distillers on offer !

Another possibility is to buy distilled water at the chemist and preferably in a glass bottle. Water in a plastic bottle has an unwanted chemical reaction with colloidal silver of a minor quality as a result.

Together with the Electrolyser you get the silver electrodes (.9997%|99.9997%) and of course a good booklet with useful tips. The Electrolyser has stabilised power to give you the opportunity to make an optimum quality silver.

If you would you like to make your own Colloidal Silver then ask us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Electrolyser is despatched from Europe.