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Dr. Hulda Clark graduated with distinct honours and is a researcher and scientist with a good record. She did pioneering work in, among other things, the field of fighting all kinds of illnesses, including cancer. She is also the author of a number of books such as the Cure Yourself Handbook, Cure of all Cancers and Cure of HIV and Aids.
According to Dr. Clark, illnesses and/or diseases are caused by overloading the body with parasites, bacteria and pollution caused by harmful substances. Her research confirms that these parasites, bacteria and other invaders can be eliminated from the human body in a simple manner. Dr. Clark uses electrotherapy and herb therapy to realise this elimination. She developed a special method to kill a host of parasites and other invaders by means of frequencies (electrotherapy). The device that generates these frequencies is called the Zapper. 

The development of the Swing Zapper

Today's technology is developing fast and it enables us to produce even better and more effective equipment. The new Swing Zapper 2007 features the latest technology and knowledge. We will give you a 2-year guarantee on this Zapper. 

The Swing Zapper: a unique product

The Swing Zapper is the latest development in the field of zappers. The last series of Zappers developed by us sold more than 30,000 copies, and of course we learned a lot from all the feedback. When the Swing Zapper is switched on, the output voltage remains 10 Volt, also when loaded. Measurement with a voltmeter gives 5 Volt. You measure half the voltage due to the positive offset. This continuous voltage gives the best result. The word swing in Swing Zapper stands for a variable frequency within a predetermined field. This variable frequency ensures that parasites and other invaders cannot defend themselves against that frequency or become immune to treatment such as antibiotics (with the exception of colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic). This means that the area to be treated is much larger than any other Zapper. You don't have to set any frequencies or use different chips. It's as simple as that. 

Another unique piece of technology is the energetic system built into your Swing Zapper. Practice and the research carried out by Dr. Puharich (into the effects of a Mobious coil) in the famous Max Planck Institute and by the well-known scientist Dr. Glen Rein all confirm that this positively influences the result. 

Thanks to the built-in energetic system, the Swing Zapper can also be applied to painful spots, often relieving or removing the pain. The hand electrodes do not need to be connected for this. A simple test proves that the energetic system works. If you activate the Swing Zapper and place it against a glass of wine or water, the taste will often change within a couple of minutes. »The energetic field is immediately generated in the Swing Zapper. 

Areas of application according to Dr. Clark

In her research, Dr. Hulda Clark demonstrates that the zapper kills all kinds of small and large invaders simultaneously, such as: parasites, bacteria, mite, viruses, fungi and roundworms. The Zapper is not known to cause any side-effects. The Swing Zapper can be used for a host of syndromes and/or diseases.
She mentions, among other things: viruses, arthritis, bacteria, Candida, diabetes, depression, rheumatism, muscle dystrophy, Crone's disease, Bechterew's disease, inflammation, pains, muscle pain, arthrosis, M.E., eczema, herpes, influenza, allergies, shingles, infections, itching, worms, rashes, mite, bladder and prostate-related complaints, fungi, neuralgia, warts, psoriasis, ulcers, leukaemia, cancer, acne, etc. 


The hand electrodes are intended for your hands only. Do NOT place them anywhere else on your body. The electrodes are included in the Swing Zapper pack (feet electrodes are also available on request). 

According to Dr. Clark it is important to avoid chemicals and propyl alcohol. Propyl alcohol is mainly used in cosmetics and cleaning agents. According to Dr. Clark, every cancer patient carries propyl alcohol in his liver.

You can optimise your treatment by means of the parasite herb course and/or in combination with colloidal silver and/or colloidal gold. More information about these products is available from our website Electro Biotics.com.

Recommendations when using the Swing Zapper 

You may feel a little tired after treatment. This is caused by the toxins that are generated. In order to rinse out these toxins, it is important to drink lots of purified water, at least one and a half litres per day. So no coffee, tea or other drinks. In order to optimise your intestinal flora, we recommend you take care of your diet. This means you should not drink tea or coffee. Herbal tea however, can provide some good support. White sugars, cane sugar and meat are things you should avoid. Organic dairy products such as Biogarde and yoghurt, combined with fresh unsprayed vegetables, form a valuable supplement. To optimise your oxygen intake, we recommend you avoid smoky areas. We strongly advise against smoking. 

You can also receive help from your natural healer or therapist. Always consult your doctor if your complaints do not go away. 

User instructions

  • Connect the hand electrodes to the Swing Zapper by means of the cords.
  • Put the Swing Zapper on a stable surface that is not too smooth.
  • Take up the hand electrodes and press ON (red on the left and black on the right).
  • When the light starts blinking, the Swing Zapper is operational.
  • The Swing Zapper automatically runs a 7-minute programme.
  • After 7 minutes, it switches off automatically.
  • You must now wait 20 minutes.
  • During these 20 minutes, bacteria and viruses are released from the killed parasites.
  • The second 7-minute treatment is needed in order to eliminate the bacteria and viruses that have been released.
  • This is followed by another 20-minute interval.
  • The third and final 7-minute treatment is needed in order to ensure that all invaders have been eliminated and that they can no longer multiply.
By using the Swing Zapper for seven minutes, three times a day during a period of one week or more, you will remove entire populations of invaders. After one week you can start having treatments every other day, unless your physician or therapist has told you otherwise. It is important to rest your body. During that time, any toxins generated by the treatment can withdraw. 

Technical advice

Foot electrodes
Avoid dampness, heat and extremely cold conditions
Treat the Zapper with care
You can clean the electrodes with an environmentally-friendly product. Young Dutch gin is very suitable.
The Swing Zapper works on two 1.5 Volt batteries.
When the pilot light gives no signal after you have switched on the Swing Zapper, you must replace the batteries. Carefully remove the lid, replace the batteries and then slide the lid back into place.
Do not use the Swing Zapper when you are pregnant and/or if you have been fitted with a pacemaker. 

We at Electro Biotics wish you lots of success with your Swing Zapper 

The Swing Zapper comes with batteries. You can order optional extra batteries.