The Feng Shui Power Disc 99

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  • Manufactured by: The Life Centre
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A small Disc that can change your life

Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) can lead to a slow but steady
decline in the health of people who are exposed to it. Due to the increasing amount of
mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi appliances and other electric devices, the exposure rates in
buildings are constantly rising.
Very similar to EMF are the biological effects of geopathic stress. The natural vibrational
patterns of the earth are distorted in many places by subterranean running water,
geological faults, caves or certain natural electromagnetic grids.
Every health conscious person will come to the conclusion that we need to protect
ourselves. An amazingly powerful tool has been developed to do this.

The Feng Shui Power Disc 99 harmonises and vitalises your whole house or
apartment. It has been developed as a tool to shield against harmful earth energies
and all negative biological effects of different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. The
Power Disc 99 also increases the Qi (life energy) and strengthens the aura of a
building and the entire property. It reduces the biological impact of electromagnetic
fields to a minimum.

The Feng Shui Power Disc 99 creates a positive and much healthier
atmosphere in the house that can be felt strongly by most people.

It is not the electromagnetic field that causes our health to decline, but the negative
biological information that the EMF’s conveys to our system. This might seem a new idea
to you but you can compare this process to how you turn ordinary lactose tablets into
powerful homeopathic remedies. It is certainly not the lactose that has a strong healing
effect on many people (and animals) who take homeopathic remedies, but the information
that it obtained during the making process. In a similar way you can change the negative
biological information that electromagnetic waves carry and render them harmless. (As
you may know, electromagnetic fields are sometimes successfully used for healing –
certain medical devices work with electric currents therapeutically).

Effects of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 on General Wellbeing:

Because of the strong reduction of geopathic and electromagnetic stress in the house, the
immune system of the inhabitants can strengthen and the overall energy increases. The
sleep patterns can improve and regeneration can speed up. To create a healthy living
environment is one of the most important key factors for health and general well being.
This was well known in the ancient Chinese society, where Feng Shui was an important
part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Effects of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 on Electromagnetic Stress:

With methods of kinesiology and Bio-Resonance a stress reduction of more then 90%
could be detected after the Power Disc was installed. This makes it the most efficient Bio –
energetic device that is available throughout Europe. The Feng Shui Power Disc 99
alters the negative information of the Electromagnetic Fields as a result they loose their
health damaging effects. A reduction of the technical EMF’s does not happen.

Effects of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 on Geopathic Stress:

Geopathic Stress is a term for the effect of negative earth energies. It is caused by
underground water-courses, underground faults, underground caves, mineral deposits and
grid systems (Hartmann Grid, Benker Grid, Curry Grid, 250 meter Grid, 400 meter Grid).
The Feng Shui Power Disc 99 protects us efficiently against all these negative
influences. The grid networks are being dissolved in the whole house and the
disturbing effects of underground streams, displacements or caves are rendered

The Feng Shui Power Disc 99 also protects against the disturbing effects of satellite

Effects of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 on Feng Shui:

It can counteract the negative influences of flying stars and reduces the impact of corners,
lacking parts of the house and beams in the ceiling. It can also improve 8 houses Feng

How can it be proven?

The functioning of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99 can be proven with Bio- Resonance
methods, Vega test, electro acupuncture, dowsing, kinesiology and live blood analysis.

How to use the Feng Shui Power Disc 99

The device does not need to be plugged in. It is very small in size and should be attached
to the wall, like a piece of art.


The moment the Power Disc was installed I felt peace in my house.
Catherine A. - Ireland

The first night I had the Power Disc in my apartment I slept very well and felt incredibly
relaxed the whole day. I was in a great mood and had more energy.

Marlena T. – Poland

My general health improved significantly during the past month since the Power Disc is in
my apartment.

Aurora P. - Ireland

Very interesting piece of technology. Its a little tricky for me to test here as I have so much
technology and anti technology lying around, everything from Qlinks to gold plated
pyramids. When I first received it I thought, no, it didn’t seem to do anything for me, until a
couple of days later I put it on the wall. Strangely it doesn’t seem to activate until you put it
on a wall, cool. It was only then that i noticed the "clearing" and support everything you
mentioned in the info and your experience. I think it is really good and so have put it up on
our site.

Stephen L. – U.K.

These are the advantages of the Feng Shui Power Disc 99:

  • It can reduce the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress in
    the whole house for over 90%.
  • It will support any kind of therapy and it can be seen as therapeutic device.
  • It is cost effective and can last a lifetime
  • Quick installation—just hook it on a nail
  • Protects from all different kinds of radiation—from mobile phone and WIFI
    transmission masts as well as from the EMFs of house wiring
  • Six weeks money back guarantee