Life Field Polarizer Series 3

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The Life Field Polarizer 3 works on 110/220v outlets so all that is needed is a plug adaptor to work in your country (not included - comes with 2-pin EU plug). 
The Life Field Polarizer 3 is a meticulously designed oscillation antenna system that absorbs, inverts and regroups an unlimited range of wavelengths and emits harmonic energy. It protects and optimizes biological systems and all life forms. The growing demand for stronger, more effective, simpler, and inexpensive suppressor systems poses a continuous challenge for the manufacturers of these systems. We are well aware of the fact that some people are unable to comprehend that such a simple system could possibly be so effective. For that reason, we offer a money-back guarantee within one month of purchase, as long as the product is still in perfect condition. We have years of experience (more than 15 years) in this field, and we like to share that experience with you.

Most people are familiar with the fact that harmful radiation is generated by microwave chains, microwave ovens, television sets, fluorescent tubes, TV and radar stations, microwave transmission masts, towers, radio and telephone equipment, especially deck telephones, computers, the power grid, and tools and equipment powered by alternating current. A great deal of available information confirms that a polarizer is even capable of neutralizing irritating radiation in food, water and other beverages.
We, too, have conducted tests and it transpires that the taste of water and other beverages changes after having been treated with a polarizer. In addition to normalizing the electromagnetic environment and reducing electrosmog, the system also supplements the energy fields (also known as auras) of biological systems by removing the disruptive dissonant vibrations from their electrical fields.

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Documentary of the BBC on the effects of wireless transmission, Wifi, mobile phones, laptops, etc.
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Tests conducted by means of electro acupuncture, muscle tone tests, various measuring systems, such as Prognos, Vega, Voll, the Knapp method and Photon emission measurements, show changes in the biological systems of human beings, animals, plants, and food, and rebalances them. One method being used by researchers is done by holding the Polarizer over the navel area (also known as the solar plexus) and then doing comparative tests and measurements. Many subjects even begin to feel a sense of relaxation after holding the Polarizer on the solar plexus for some time. Children respond particularly quickly to this method. 

The Life Field Polarizer is an insulated box that can simply be plugged into a wall socket. It generates a range of resonances that are also known as oscillation rings, acts as an extremely powerful form of antenna and, finally, a number of harmonizing crystals are also built into the system. It does not draw power from the wall socket, has an indefinite life and does not require installation or maintenance. 

A number of copies are also available in the market with incorrectly directed resonance rings and extremely heavy precious stones or crystals. Take care when using these products, as they can have a serious effect on your moods. 


The Polarizer is the result of many years of research by a number of scientists specializing in the fields of physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, and many other fields. The most important research for the development of the Polarizer was the work of the Russian scientist, George Lakhovsky. He worked in Paris, Vienna, and America and did research in the fields of oscillation and resonance. He became famous for the development of the Multiwave Oscillator, which he built in collaboration with Nikola Tesla. His tests with geraniums that were infected with cancer cells are well known: The geraniums that developed tumours were treated with harmonized oscillation (resonance) rings. The result was that the tumours disappeared and the flowers simply continued to grow in the tumour infected geraniums that were exposed to the oscillation rings. The other geraniums, which also had tumours, but no oscillation rings, gradually died. This optimized technology with oscillation rings is also installed in your Polarizer. The electricity network is a large antenna, which is used in its entirety by the oscillation rings to transmit life energy. 


Many experts realize that the loss of sound health is preceded by a regression in vitality. Exposure to a wide range of tensions causes loss of vitality. Due to the fact that biological systems function electrically, each with its own frequency, the artificial forces of the urban electromagnetic environment is extremely harmful. It breaks down our vitality and causes "symptoms of disease". 

By harmonizing the electromagnetic environment, the Life Field Polarizer restores the coherence of the electrical fields in the body and renders the information needed for the optimal functioning of the body available for use. Polarization also restores, reinforces and vitalizes the normal frequencies for cellular vibration. With renewed coherence and vitality, assuming that all the applicable natural laws are taken into account, the life field - the biological, bio-electrical blueprint of life - can produce the physical counterforce without disruptive side effects. 

  1. All you need to do to optimize the electrical systems at home and at work is to plug the Polarizer into an electrical wall socket. By doing so, you will effectively turn the entire wiring system into a powerful antenna. Harmonic vibrations will then be emitted throughout the property. The electrical fields of all the equipment connected to the wiring system will be in harmony with the biological life systems. With very few exceptions, only one Polarizer is needed for each individual electronic wiring system.
  2. If the electrical wiring in a house is earthed to the water pipeline system, as is required in many countries, the electrical patterns of the substances in the water will also be corrected. The water will then have a tranquilizing effect instead of a draining energy and it will offer greater benefits than any of the commercially distilled water we have tested.
  3. To polarize a car, aircraft or boat, you will need to mount a suitable Polarizer on a metal base, such as the floorboard of the car or the 12-Volt connection (special connection). The energy generated by the Polarizer will generally pass through the carpeting that covers it and will directly penetrate the electrical system and dominate harmful radiation.
  4. Lay the Polarizer on aching body parts (after removing the Polarizer from the wall socket) that generally manifest the underlying blockage of the inherent life force. By doing this a few minutes a day, you will be able to release your Life Field from electrical disruption and blockages in the energy flow that cause the pain.
Please be careful when using the Life Field Polarizer. Never allow it to drop! If it does fall by accident, and it rattles when you shake it, immediately return it to Meditech Europe.

TESTING WITH KINESIOLOGY (muscle reflex test)

This is a convincing method of demonstrating the benefits of the use of your Polarizer. We use the delta muscle in the shoulder and use the muscle to test everything we come into contact with. You only need to press hard enough to test the resiliency and mobility in the arm; not hard enough to tire the muscle. The question is not who is stronger, but whether the delta muscle can lock the shoulder against the applied pressure. Only continue the test until the shoulder muscle starts to feel weak.

 dr. ir. Michiel Haas - Elektrostress & Gezondheid
Elektrostress & Gezondheid
door dr. ir. Michiel Haas
To test someone, do the following: 

  1. Let the person stand upright with his/her right arm hanging relaxed at his/her side and the left arm held parallel to the floor, elbow pointing forward and locked in that position.
  2. Stand in front of the person and lay your left hand on the person's right shoulder in order to support the person. Next lay your right hand on the extended arm, just above the wrist.
  3. Tell the person that you are going to try to push the arm down while the person should resist with all his/her force.
  4. Next, apply fast and firm pressure on the arm. The idea is to press the arm down only hard enough to find the point where the delta muscle becomes weak and the arm is no longer capable of remaining in position without the use of the rest of the body.
  5. Next take a hairdryer, electrical shaver or any other manually operated electrical device and plug it into the wall socket.
  6. Ask the person to switch it on and test the arm again. The arm will be weaker than it was before. In fact, it will have almost no strength at all.
  7. Switch the device off and repeat the test. The arm will be stronger than with the power on.
  8. Plug the Polarizer into the wall socket (or in another) of the device. Switch the device on again and ask the person to hold it in his/her hand. Test the strength in his/her arm. The arm will be much stronger than before thanks to the harmonizing effects of the Polarizer.
  9. You can also test the person in front of the TV or microwave oven. Without the use of a Polarizer the arm will be weak. When the Polarizer's energy flows through the wiring, the arm remains strong. The same thing happens to tap water, whether indoors or outdoors.


Thanks to the presence of a wide range of unnatural forces, the least of which is not man-made electrical energy, most human beings that were tested in urban areas showed a reversed (wrong) polarity. To test possible reversed polarity, ask someone to hold out his/her arm, elbow straightened out, as described above. 

Ask the person to place his/her right palm on his/her head and do the test He/she should be strong when his/her right palm is on his/her head and weaker when the back of his/her right hand is placed on his/her head. Most probably you will find that most people are strong when they should be weak and weak when they should be strong. This means that the polarity is reversed or has been reversed and that, in effect, the system is working without the proper input of energy and information. 

Next, take the Polarizer and hold it over the thymus gland or the person's solar plexus (above the navel) and redo the test (make sure the Polarizer is pulled out of the wall socket). The results will show an immediate correction of the energy levels. If the Polarizer is kept in this position for a short while, the person will generally test 'normally' after the Polarizer has been removed. Obviously the result is temporary, except where the person takes the necessary steps to protect himself/herself by polarizing his/her electromagnetic environment. 

Inventor and researcher: Hessel Hoornveld  

Download Polarizer-serie3-English.pdf

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