Meditech Europe Water SuperVitalizer

  • Model: ME-WSV-01
  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe
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A titanium vitalizer that brings your water to life

The SuperVitalizer's ingenious vortex technology brings water back to its natural and healthy form of movement. It works according to the same principle as real watercourses. In the smallest spaces of the SuperVitalizer, the water is thrown around just as dynamically as in a kilometre-long, sparkling mountain stream and without electricity or other external energies. The special feature of the SuperVitalizer is its core, the specially designed vortex chamber.
Numerous microswirls are formed in the vortex chamber, where the water clusters dissolve at the interfaces of the vortex chamber. The water structure is "loosened" and "unsealed", the water becomes more soluble and fluid. In addition, a "Nexus pin" made of fine silver or a precious stone can be used in the removable swirl chamber.

  • Optimised swirl chamber for a more intensive swirl process
  • Material: titanium
  • ideal for tea or coffee water
  • can also be used after a water filter or reverse osmosis system
  • Incl. 3 years
  • solution of water clusters Oxygen transfer to water
  • change in the limestone structure
  • frees the water from gases that are bound in the water
  • it tastes fresh, is noticeably softer and easy to drink
  • the pH value is shifted in the alkaline direction
  • Suitable outlet for reverse osmosis filter or water filter