TDS/PPM Water Test Meter - Calibrated For Silver

  • Model: WTM
  • Manufactured by: SilverLungs
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Highly Recommended!

This meter is vital to test the initial quality of your water and can also be used to determine the amount of dissolved ionic silver content. This item is not included with The SilverLungs Generator "Base" Kit to accommodate those who already own a proper water test meter. The water meter is included standard with both versions of The SilverLungs Generator "Deluxe" Kits.

Our water test meters come pre-calibrated to ensure that you have accurate water measurements before starting production. You have to be sure that the water being used for your silver solutions never reads higher than "1" on the water test meter. Without this meter you have no way to ensure that the water being used is pure enough for producing a proper silver solution!

Measuring dissolved ionic silver: This meter is custom calibrated specifically for the solutions produced by The SilverLungs Generator as it accounts for the very high pH content in the silver solutions produced (by subtracting that reading) which accurately results in the measurement of the total dissolved ionic silver.

Highly Recommended!