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Based on Colloidal Silver (in Violet Glass)

In response to popular demand: the addition to our range of colloidal silver body lotion with mild, purifying aroma 

  • Developed and tested entirely on the basis of colloidal silver ointment
  • For daily body care
  • Quickly absorbed without leaving an oily film
  • Very economical to use, restores, refreshes and relaxes the skin
  • Generally suitable for all skin types and for therapeutic applications
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Packaged in energising violet glass


Col silver body lotion with gold refreshes and relaxes the skin and is suitable for therapeutic applications. Enriched with a mild aroma and without any harmful substances or chemicals: just how we like it. 

Your skin is your biggest organ and a pure lotion is a blessing you deserve. 

The various ingredients are explained in the recommendation for use. They are of the purest quality. The use throughout the centuries of various composition combinations and their synergy (strengthening and stimulating each other) makes this lotion a unique and rich product. Composed with devotion, care and years of experience and pure empirical science. 

Generally suitable for all skin types. If you are oversensitive to general skin products you should first test on a small area of skin. Sensitivity is often caused by chemical compounds and preservatives because the skin does not recognise them and experiences them as harmful substances. More information is given about chemical substances in the book The Hundred-Year Lie. ISBN 9780452288393 

The lotion is economical in use. Slightly turn the top and press the dosing pump. Apply a drop to the top of your hand and lightly smooth it out. Experience how your skin absorbs and enjoys the pure aroma. You are free to use the lotion whenever you want to. 

The container is made of energising glass and enhances the energy value. See the research of Dr Knapp. Scientist. Why this glass? The energy level is enhanced, which increases the effect and optimises the shelf life. Plastic and other synthetics release chemical compounds which get into your skin, which is of course unacceptable and can lead to all sorts of unnecessary burdens and allergic reactions. 


Much has been written about the efficacy and properties of the ingredients. We will restrict ourselves here to the information relating directly to the purpose of the product. 

Pure colloidal silver, pure colloidal gold, stearic acid ,cetylalcohol, lanolin, purified wheat germ oil, cetiol, camomile, arnica, viola tricolor, vitamin A, vitamin E, glycerol, triaethanolamine, lavender- TeaTree-Helicrise-rose-Ylang. 

Quality certificate for fine silver held Content Ag 999.7 ‰. 
Our certificate for purity is held at the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA).
Ask your supplier whether he holds this certificate of purity. 

Our colloidal Silver Essence is produced using a unique process. The principle is a simple one: the smallest pure silver particles are shot loose with a bipolar multi-frequency power resonance system. The voltage is over 150,000 volts. This unique process results in a colloidal solution that guarantees that you are given the best quality.

Research and development:

Hessel Hoornveld 

Colloidal silver lotion is a registered trade mark. 

With thanks to:
- Chi Nederland
- Drs Rijpkema for advice and literature
- Drs Beck
- Nature
- Many (hands on) experts
- And of course "You”

Please see the bibliography of Chi Nederland for more information about essential oils.