Colloidal Silver Ointment with Gold

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Colloidal Silver Ointment with Gold has a strong effect.

Quality Certificate for fine silver extant. Content Ag 999,7 0/00. The Food- and Commodities Authority is in possession of our Certificate for fineness. Ask you supplier for this Certificate of fineness. 

The colloidal silver we deliver has been produced by a totally unique process. By simply shooting loose the smallest pure silver particles by using a multi-frequency power resonance system. The voltage is more than 150.000 volts. This unique process creates a colloidal liquid that ensures you get the best quality.


Pure colloidal silver, pure colloidal gold ,stearic acid ,cetylalcohol, lanolin, purified wheat germ oil, cetiol, camomile, arnica, viola tricolor, vitamin A, vitamin E, glycerol, triaethanolamine, lavender- TeaTree-Helicrise-rose-Ylang. Completely without chemicals. 

According to a women’s magazine( Libelle )it is a “jewel in a jar”. 

“I’m very enthusiastic about the ointment. I’ve already recommended it to my customers. I’m very positive about the fast delivery of the product and the excellent result of the ointment. I also found out that it gives the varicose veins a boost.”
Practice for Soma therapy, Elst. 

“I’ve been using your ointment for some time now for example as a deodorant. It works fantastic, no more unpleasant smells. Over the years I’ve tried everything but this is the only product that stops perspiration smell. Thanks!”, 
Ms F from Amsterdam. 

“The first jar is empty now. I’ve had eczema on my hands for years. I’ve tried everything even a medicine for psoriasis but everything without success. Now I’m totally free from eczema. I still have rather dry hands. How often can I use it? I use it daily as a kind of hand cream.”
Greetings from Barneveld. 

Packaging is energizing violet glass

Violet Miron Glass spectrumThe violet Miron Glass offers the best protection for carefully and still very expensively manufactured healing substances, essences, tinctures, natural cosmetics, food supplements, etc. According to the Institute Fraunhoferin Munich (Germany) the radiation in the photosensitive area (app 450nmto 720nm) does not penetrate the glass. Brown glass on the other hand lets light through here and in all of the visible areas of the light spectrum. Experts talk about a potential “quality “leak”. 

The secret of violet glass is based on the fact that violet special range (720 – 770 Bio herz) permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure, and the (healing) energy stored in the Miron glass doesn’t “escape”. Yin/Yang effect- Inhale/Exhale.

Our products are free from hormones and other chemical materials and are of natural origin. 

Research and development

Colloidal Silver OintmentHessel Hoornveld
Production: Meditech Europe

Colloidal Silver Ointment is registered as a trademark

Courtesy to Chi Nederland
Drs Rijpkema for advice and literature
Drs Beck
Many experiential experts
And of course “You”
Do you want to know more about essential oils then look at the bibliography of Chi Nederland.