Julia's Sundance

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  • Manufactured by: Meditech Europe
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Finally! Julia’s body lotion has a sister: Julia’s Sundance!! After years of testing, using and further developing, a pure and natural sun product has emerged.

Sun and protection 
We were brought up with the idea that we should protect our skin against the sun by lathering ourselves with a product containing a sun protection factor. However with most sun tan lotions we are not doing our skin any favours. There are hardly any sun tan lotions available which are free from poison and chemicals. Most sun creams and oils are made of mineral oils and are contaminated with heavy metals (so called blockers). These materials are associated with skin cancer. The packaging of these creams and oils are also important. The plastic is impaired by the cream or oil and therefore ends up in the product. Not pleasant to the skin! In the book “healthy with sun light” you will find a lot of interesting information with regards to the importance of sun light for a healthy living. 

For your skin to be resistant to sun light, it should be in good condition. When the skin is relaxed it can breathe and disperse heat. Julia’s Sundance helps your skin to get in good condition and remain that way. 

Respectfully dealing with sun rays is just as important as a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Slowly build up the amount of sun hours and allow the skin to rest after sunbathing. Our skin is not suitable for long exposure to the sun for prolonged periods and you will not become more tanned. At most, red and wrinkled. A slow build up shows off a healthy glow and general wellbeing.

Julia’s Sundance is based on Colloidal silver and gold following a unique process. It refreshes and relaxes the skin and most of all it is suitable to treat/restore irritated or damaged skin. The lotion is enriched with a gentle aroma and like all our other products Julia’s Sundance is free from harmful substances and/or chemicals. The ingredients are of purest quality. Throughout centuries different combinations of ingredients have proven to strengthen and improve. This knowledge has been incorporated into Julia’s Sundance lotion. 
We put together our products with love, care and attention, and with the knowledge from then and now. 

The packaging

The packaging is made of energising glass. This increases the energy value and the shelf life. 

Why this glass?
The energy level is increased whereby a more effective performance of the product is created and the shelf life is optimised.

Why not plastic? 
Plastics and other synthetic materials secrete chemical compounds and/or have chemical reactions with the product. Any of this entering your skin is obviously undesirable. This process causes unnecessary strain and can cause allergic reactions. A dosage pump is included with the bottle which enable you to use the lotion economically. 

Julia’s Sundance

  • Also for the daily care of your body
  • Based on Colloidal Silver
  • Is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film
  • Very economical in use
  • Is restorative. Refreshes and relaxes the skin
  • In principle suitable for all skin types and for therapeutic use
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Packaged in energising violet glass
  • The sun filter will be determined by the Colloidal silver and minerals, the particles in the solution are protective
  • Suitable for every skin type

You do not always do your health a service by wearing sun glasses. Did you know that the body can only create Vitamin D when your eyes as well as your skin are exposed to sun light? Half an hour per day is enough to activate the much needed vital energy. 
Do not throw away the bottles, you can reuse them again and again to make use of the vitalising properties of the glass.