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SilverGen SG6 Colloidal Silver Generators use CONSTANT CURRENT and are designed to produce the highest quality Colloidal Silver possible. It is crystal clear and colourless (the mark of the best Colloidal Silver) and yet can be made to strengths as high as 20 PPM or as low as 5 PPM. Colloidal silver atoms are separated by the stirring action as they leave the electrode, preventing the formation of a dense ionic cloud.  By dispersing the atoms no agglomeration occurs, resulting in clear Colloidal Silver of the smallest nano particle size.

SilverGen SG6 Colloidal Silver Generators are all electronic and do NOT use batteries. These units use technology and circuitry, not hype. This is true cutting edge technology to the rescue. 

SilverGen SG6 Colloidal Silver Generators make small, consistently uniform sized particles of colloidal silver. This is done with a constant current generator and steam distilled water. No additives such as salt are used in the process.

The variable control allows you to set the strength desired from 5 to 15+ PPM.  The generator automatically shuts off when the setting is reached. Control of the generator is NOT done with a timer. A conductivity sensor and associated circuitry determines when the preset PPM is reached. Larger volumes of water just require longer production times to produce the Colloidal Silver.
A built in stirring motor keeps the silver atoms from colliding during production, to prevent agglomeration.  All ionic/colloidal silver made with this generator is clear, colorless, very stable and has long shelf life.     

The generator sits on top of any standard mouth jar or can be placed on top of any vessel with a larger opening.  
The electrodes are built in and easily replaceable.  Just set it and forget it.  When the green light comes on, the CS is ready to use.  No waiting for the particles to disperse in the suspension. 
This unit will make a quart of ionic/colloidal silver automatically and easily.

Comes with .999 silver electrodes.  We also provide a second free set of electrodes with each generator.

This model is suitable for European voltage 220V - 240V

For the US Version, click here.

Please note that due to the imposition of import customs tax and vat together with increased shipping costs, we have had to increase the price of this item. This version is normally shipped from WA, America but can be shipped directly from Ireland on request to anywhere in Europe, avoiding more unnecessary customs import charges.

Here is the best Colloidal Silver Generator available... ANYWHERE!

What Exactly is Colloidal Silver?

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